Loading of heavy parts unto a ship

Lifthing took care of the loading of heavy machine parts unto a ship. At the request of the client we transported numerous heavy parts of machines to the loading dock. We hoisted them unto the ship from there.

Assignment: loading heavy parts unto a ship

The different parts, and there were a lot of different parts, were completely packed up and ready to go at the factory. The intention was to transport that big shipment over water. That meant that the load had to be carried unto a ship. Lifthing first transported all those parts from the site to the loading dock in the harbour. They were then hoisted unto the ship, using a crane. The client himself was in charge of the positioning on the ship.

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sectorSECTOR: Industry
regioREGION: Belgium, Desselgem
gewichtWEIGHT: Maximum 30 ton
tijdstipEXECUTED: 2017

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