Hoisting and lifting works with pick and carry crane

In this project, we used our pick and carry crane to install heavyweight equipment in a limited space. This enabled us to position a motor on a platform with great precision. Moving other devices internally was also no problem. This was done here in combination with our Versa-Lift..

Why a pick and carry crane?

A telescopic crane could not be used for this project because, not only was there insufficient space to set it up, but also because you cannot move a load with a telescopic crane. A pick and carry crane does offer these possibilities.

Our devices are all electric and have non-marking tyres. This means that they can be used in all sectors.

Would you like to know more about moving machines with our devices?

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machine transport, industrial relocations and Lifting job – A lifting device for every work.

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sectorSECTOR: Industry
regioREGION: Belgium, West Flandres
gewichtWEIGHT: 20 ton
tijdstipEXECUTED: 2020

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